Linda Hayes
Gemstone Artisan Jewelry

My emphasis is on combining antique treasures with contemporary gemstones to create one-of-a-kind pieces. This year I have been designing with more color, adding symbols and talismans, and letting “Frida” influence my imaginings. I hope you’ll stop by for a visit!

503-662-4382  / website

13015 NW Hacker Rd., Yamhill OR 97148

You can come into Yamhill from any of four directions. The main street of town (Hwy 47) is about eight blocks long with a Shell gas station at the North end of town. Across from the Shell station is the green sign that says “Pike Rd / Menefee Park” where you turn. Look at your odometer and go four miles out Pike Rd. Hacker Rd is on your right, hidden by a slight curve in the road. Turn on Hacker and go up the gravel – 300 feet. The studio is in the oak trees on the left. You may park in the driveway or go by the green barn to avoid getting boxed in. 

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